A Few Words About Us . . .

The Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center (GWPPC) was formed in 1999 with support from the Georgia General Assembly and the Georgia Research Alliance. The Center was created to provide leadership in Georgia in the research and design of policies affecting water resources.


The Center was designed to support a program of multi-disciplinary research, education, and technical assistance to support Georgia policy-makers, citizens, and students in the field of water resources. Given the increasing importance of water to Georgia's economy and quality of life, the Center was initiated to provide sound scientific, policy, and economic information to support a healthy water future for the state of Georgia.


The GWPPC also acts as headquarters for the Flint River Water Planning and Policy Center at Albany State University. The university program provides the institutional framework and academic expertise to proactively address the state's water policy issues on a regional basis.


The program stresses the use of applied policy sciences through the expertise of faculty and professionals from disciplines including law, economics, public policy & administration, and related decision sciences. Our researchers focus on water resource questions and problems that state policy makers and government officials currently face. Our work products are created with the goal of agency adoption and with an emphasis on using public dollars efficiently to achieve policy goals.