Waters of the Oconee River Basin: What's Important to You?

Welcome to the webpage for the ‘Waters of the Oconee River Basin: What’s Important to You?’ project.  Through this project, people who use and benefit from the basin’s water resources are contributing their knowledge and experience to improve information for regional water planning.   

This webpage holds documents useful to people participating in the project:

We will add documents to this page as project results are compiled.  For more information on the project, contact Gail Cowie at   

You can find more information on regional water planning on Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s water planning website.  For information on the Oconee River basin specifically, follow links for the Upper Oconee water planning region.  This project is funded by a Regional Water Plan Implementation Seed Grant through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

For more information, contact Gail Cowie at or call 706-338-0805.