Waters of the Oconee River Basin:

Uses, Benefits, and Flow-Related Metrics for Water Planning

Welcome to the webpage for our project focused on 1) ways that people use and benefit from the water resources of the Oconee River Basin and 2) how some of those uses and benefits vary with streamflow or lake levels. Results are intended for use in regional water planning by the Upper Oconee Water Council and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. The project is funded by a Regional Water Plan Implementation Seed Grant through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

The products available here have been reviewed by project participants and revised based in comments received.  The project summary will also be submitted to the Upper Oconee Regional Water Planning Water Council for review in the coming months.

We recommend looking at the Project Summary first and then going to other products of interest to you. As you look at the map products, consider the following questions:

  • What locations interest you? Zoom into those.
  • What uses and benefits interest you? Select those in the sidebar to see entries.
  • What entries interest you? Click on the icon or the sidebar entry to see details.

Draft Products for Review:


For more information on the project, contact Gail Cowie at [email protected].

Information on regional water planning is available on Georgia Environmental Protection Division's water planning website.